Antikor is mono geometric sans family of 3 styles, 55 fonts with real italics...

All fonts of family contains 800+ glyphs and equipped with typographic features.

Styles: Mono, Text and Display

Antikor Text is designed for those who prefer to use monospaced fonts not only in coding but in many different media. The idea came from creating a typeface with monospaced aesthetic without disturbing aspects of monospaced typefaces . Antikor text has proportional spacing and precise kerning to avoid poor rhythm and track in reading text. It also provides wide range of useful features with extended glyph set.

Antikor Mono is geometric sans monospaced typeface with all typographic features except spacing and kerning. As other styles it has many opentype features and extended character set including SmallCaps, Stylistic Alternatives, Scientific Numbers, Fractions, Oldstyle Numbers, Case Sensitive Forms, Arrows, Circled numbers and etc... It is designed to meet all the needs of the monospaced text fields.

As Antikor is a versatile family, Antikor Display is a very alternative typeface with playful calligraphic curves. It is designed with the idea of creating a contrast and eye catching touch in display use of typography. It creates tasty contrast against the serious and solid monospace look.

Each style has 11 weights ranging from Hairline to ExtraBold + real italics.